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Team NameContact InfoDescription
Abreast Up The Creekwww.abreastinaboat.comWe are a team of breast cancer survivors paddling to demonstrate that we and other breast cancer survivors can lead full and active lives. The first dragon boat of breast cancer survivors was formed in Vancouver in 1996. This number has now grown to more than 125 such crews paddling worldwide.
Dragon LadiesKevin Lutz
The Dragon Ladies, a competitive women's team, are recruiting. Previous dragon boat experience unnecessary. We're looking for athleticism, a willingness to work hard, and an energetic attitude. If you're looking for a great team with fantastic camaraderie, you've found it. Practices begin in February, with our first meeting in January.
The Eh TeamFor more information go to The Eh Team website at: http://theehteamdragonboating.comOur motto: "We paddle for fun, but race to win"

The Eh Team is a senior (50+) Dragon Boat Racing Team, in which we have both a mixed and a ladies team.
Coached by Amanda Chan, we race in local regattas as well as some out-of-town regattas. Over the years these have included Victoria, Portland, Penticton and San Francisco. The season starts at the end of February and we practice on Wednesday and Friday mornings until the end of October. In 2012 we were recognized by Alcan by receiving the Sustainability award for the promotion of the sport of Dragon Boating to school and corporate groups.
We are currently recruiting both new and experienced members for the 2015 Dragon Boat Racing Season
Men on the WaterThursday evening practice
False Creek GrandragonsFor over ten years the FC Grandragons have set the standard for senior dragon boating. We currently number about 60 paddlers, which allows us to enter two teams in major competitions. Although our minimum age is 50, we currently have only two paddlers under 60, and our average age is 67.
False Creek Premierwww.falsecreekdragonboat.comWomens, Mixed and Open teams
O2PKidney dialysis patients and supporters
Saggin' DragonsSaggin Dragons is a women's competitive recreational team that has been paddling at False Creek since 2000.
We are a well-organized team that trains to race and has fun in the process. Our coach, Terry Parsons provides a rigorous training plan that includes bi-weekly paddling sessions and gym workouts. Off-the-water, we host 3 social events and 1 charity event per year to keep paddling in perspective. We are a group of fit women spanning the decades who are motivated to hone technique, train regularly and the enjoy the company of a supportive team
Senior CThe FCRCC Senior C program is open to both men and women who are individual FCRCC members, are 59 years of age or older as of June 1, 2015.
Team MomentumMary Ann King and cc annestevenson@telus.netWomen's team, mostly over 50. Team Momentum is a recreational women's team.
False Creek Racing Canoe Club
False Creek Racing Canoe Club