The Basic’s of Drumming

In this 1.5hr session, the basics of what is required to become a drummer will be discussed.   If you are thinking about becoming a drummer for your team, this course will give you the information and some tools to make that decision and commitment.

 Topics covered will include:

  • Communication skills
  • Introduction to race calls
  • Basic Technique
  • “Hands on” opportunity.

 Date: May 7, 2017

Time: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Location: FCRCC

Cost: Members: $20 plus gst; Non-Members:  $35 plus gst


 Instructor:  Susan Mott

Susan Mott

 Susan has been the drummer for the Canadian Premier Mixed National Team for 2 World’s cycles as well as the IDBF World Cup and is currently the assistant coach and drummer for the Canadian Senior C National Team.   Susan is the head coach for the 7th Wave women’s dragon boat team located in Deep Cove.  Susan is also the drummer for the FCRCC Premier Program and has medalled at the last 2 CCWC with both the FCRCC Premier Program and FCRCC Sr C program.  She has medalled in every distance that she has raced as well as being part of the Nations Cup winning team.

Susan has taken her years of learning and knowledge and developed a training session for drummer’s and coaches.  Susan believes in debunking the myth that those who drum for their teams are “just a drummer” or a figure head at the front of the boat.   Having raced against the World’s best teams,  Susan knows first hand that a confident and effective drummer is required to lead the team to victory and the hard work and dedication that it takes to build your own personality and style.

Sharing this knowledge,  Susan is hopeful that it will debunk the myth and build more strong and  successful drummers, which in turn would lead to more exciting racing.   As we all know,  it takes 22 people to win a race.



False Creek Racing Canoe Club
False Creek Racing Canoe Club